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Secretary & Treasurer
Deborah Eckhoff

Deborah is an Executive Coach and Professional Development Consultant based in Coral Gables, FL. With almost two decades of Professional Human Resources and Coaching experience, Deborah is well versed in strategic human resources management and organizational development. Her experience includes: leadership development, executive coaching, talent management, organizational transformation, performance management, conflict resolution, leader selection and assimilation. 

Passionate about leading a life of intention and authenticity, Deborah serves as the ‘wake-up call’ for those around her. She sounds the alarm reminding them that they can choose to sleep walk through life or they can live their life with purpose ON purpose.

Deborah completed her coaches training with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She also attained the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) certification from The Human Resource Certification Institute and is certified in Hogan and Everything DiSC suite of assessments. 

Deborah is currently working with Molto Crescendo Inc. and can be reached at