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Vice President President Elect 2019
Angela De Sousa
Dynamic Growth

Angela De Sousa, is a bilingual Transformational Leadership & Life Coach who offers a distinctive well-being approach for individuals going through complexities at work or home, always delivering powerful results. Her superpowers lay in her intuitive combination of the real life experiences she has dealt with, the knowledge and expertise acquaried through the years and her ability to succeed while going through a life of constant change: divorce, carreer shifts, entrepreneurships, different countries, marriage, and children, while taking her own personal life, business and leadership to a whole new level. After every struggle she has faced, there is a scale up of experienced tools and a brand new story of success that follows, as  she likes to say: “Resignifying Your Greatness” is your best choice towards real life success! 


Her coaching practice helps individuals navigate through life challenges and adversity with more clarity, less self doubt, personalized intuitive support, and higher self confidence, so they can land on the other side of their current life block or transition feeling empowered and with a clearer picture of direction and success. Angela is also passionate about bringing “conscious leadership” inside the workspace helping leaders implement and embody new conversations and strategies that help align their businesses, lifestyles and work values towards a more balanced, innovative, & productive leading space.


With more than 15 years of experience as a motivational speaker, entrepreneurship trainer, business owner, and ICF Credentialed Associate Certified Professional Coach; Angela is also recognized as an International Speaker, Conversational Intelligence®️ Enhanced coach, Kolbe™️ Certified Consultant, Chief Resignifying Oficer of her own coaching practice “Dynamic Growth” and the current President of the International Coaching Federation South Florida Chapter. 


Her coaching practice focuses on an individual's distinctive strengths and how to apply them to solve current challenges. Through individual coaching and ongoing conscious leadership development, she explores with her clients, their current "belief system" and develops "unique sustainable approaches" that will help them identify "unproductive work and life patterns" while replacing them with:


Increased confidence and self steem.

Greater resilience in the face of adversity.

Increased sources of productivity and creativity.

Improved comunication skills through Conversational Intelligence®️

Deeper sense of self awareness and purpose.

Clearer picture of direction and success.


One of Angela´s core values is her belief in the power of giving coaching back to the community as an integral part of a thriving society! As she volunteers locally and internationally with programs like: "LEAP" (Ladies Empowerment Action Programm) inside Homestead Correctional Facility, "Casa Valentina" in Miami, "Ignite" ICF Foundation through the ICF South Florida chapter she presides, and will soon launch with "The Coach Initiative" a global group to support Venezuelans through their humanitarian crisis.


Angela defines herself as a "Chief Resignifiying Officer", who is passionate about inspiring new possibilities for individuals going through adversity, who feel powerless, disconected, lost and shut down, to become self empowered and reclaim their inner trust. Through the "Resignifiying Your Greatness" project, she will empower human beings to change their stories, resignify their own greatness, and become the conscious leaders they are truly meant to be! She is currently writing a book which is planned to come out at the end of 2019.


"Believe you can and you're halfway there."

- Theodore Roosevelt