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Vice President President Elect 2019
Angela De Sousa
Dynamic Growth

Angela´s  passion is to empower, inspire & transform individuals and their organizations, through "Leadership & Life Coaching" and so has she been doing for over 10 years, as a motivational speaker, language business trainer, entrepreneur, business owner, intuitive healer and certified professional coach.


Her coaching approach focuses on the ontological power of "human potential" and the connate ways you tend to take action to strive. She has been very successful in helping clients and their organizations, recognize their own road blocks, move forward towards their goals, acquire new ways to communicate more productively and choose the energy levels neccesary to create the culture they want to lead & live by, in a truly sustainable manner.


Angela explores with her clients, their current modus operandi and through "Dynamic Growth transformational approaches” she helps them identify their actual productive patterns, and turns them into conscious choices, that drive teams to successed, increase work engagement, and shifts their personal life to a whole new level, while adding a “Happiness Kick” inside and outside the organization. This new way of learning and choosing,occurs at your own pace, through a “Transformational Process” and in alignment with respect, privacy, dignity, empathy and heart. 


She is also a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant able to apply Kolbe Wisdom™ to help leaders achieve the right mix of instinctive talents in the right roles and guide them to greater productivity. Through Kolbe Wisdom™ she will work with your leaders and teams to accomplish your goals and set you on the course to success. Improve comunication, matching the right people to the right roles, form high-performance teams, help leaders identify what drives Team Success, takes the guesswork out of talent management by providing specific and customized diagnoses and resolutions to improve HR functions, processes, employee engagement and more. The Kolbe process begins with helping individuals understand their own strengths and then those with whom they work. Then we work with leaders to organize their efforts enabling them to reach their full potential.


For the last 20 years she has been acquiring tools, learning new languages, expanding her soft and hard skills experience and making conscious choices that keep adding to her personal, spiritual, and professional repertoire. This native Venezuelan moved to the United States in 1994, to graduate as a Cardio Pulmonary Technologist in 1998. A year later, Angela shifted gears and chose to work for Corporate America focusing on sales and customer service. She started training people since the year 2000 as she worked for Citizen Watches, Inc. in the USA, and continued training business' while living in Vienna, Austria. By 2004, she had worked with clients like Louis Vuitton, VolksBank Austria, OMV Austria's oil Company, amongst others, and by 2005 she moved to Florence, Italy to learn how to design and create Jewelry. She continued with the jewelry trade through Italy, Mexico and Venezuela, becoming an international business owner with her custom made jewelry brand known as "Alegna Designs" and "Be Alegna". In 2006 she began as a motivational speaker inspiring and coaching upcoming jewelers on "How to Reach Your Next Level" and so the path of transforming lives through coaching began.


Today, Angela leads her own international bilingual coaching practice called "Dynamic Growth, a transformational coaching approach", and co-owns "Dynamic Growth at Your Meeting Place" in Aventura, Florida, where coaching programs, empowering workshops, and mastermind groups continuously bring together professionals and their organizations looking to grow, become more enggaged and thrive into a new culture of happier and more successfully human beings.


At DGYMP Angela and Bari are in the process of trademarking, a new coaching approach called "Living and Leading with Intenergy" that helps you and your organization "Shift the Way you See and Interact with the World through Intenergy" or  "intentional energy" to create win/win results. They work inside organizations facilitating group coaching at leadership levels, as well as within teams.


In between being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, Angela also volunteers for some organizations in the local community: LEAP, Casa Valentina, & coming up at JAFCO and over seas she helps Hogar Bambi and Funda ProCura, in Venezuela, as well as.


She is a member of ICF (Internacional Coaching Federation) and the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) speaks Spanish, English, Italian and German.


"Shifting the way people see and interact with the world, turning challenges into opportunities"