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Coaching Around the Imposter Phenomenon
Coaching Around the Imposter Phenomenon
Digital Product
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Have you ever had a client who doubted themselves despite numerous accomplishments, credentials, and deep experience? Impostor Syndrome is a phenomenon seen in many high-achieving individuals (men and women) whereby they are plagued by thoughts about being exposed as a fraud. Every mistake they make is interpreted as evidence of their fraudulence.

As coaches who work with people who experience the Impostor Phenomenon, we need to recognize it and understand what it is to help clients address it effectively.

In this webinar, we will explore the childhood origins of the Impostor Phenomenon, how it manifests, its high cost, and a strategy for helping clients lessen its impact. Coaches will walk away feeling better equipped to notice and work with Impostor Phenomenon when it rears its ugly head so that their clients can enjoy their success and lessen their anxiety.?

You will walk away with:

   •   An understanding of the origin of Impostor Phenomenon, how it manifests, and its cost.

   •   A tool to interrupt the needless self-doubt that will allow your clients them to reframe these negative thoughts so that they can enjoy their success.

   •   An improved sense of value for you and your clients as you discover that nearly everyone else feels like an impostor, too.

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