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How Ethics Can Get You Hired or Fired
How Ethics Can Get You Hired or Fired
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In this interactive discussion, we'll explore how the ICF Code of Ethical Conduct can help you get more coaching engagements, avoid ethical conflicts, and prevent you from losing the engagement over ethical issues. We'll start with a discussion about where ethics come from. Are they hard and fast rules, or something else? Then we will use actual case studies to translate the theory of the Code into the reality of situations with clients and sponsors. As we explore the cases, we'll adjust the facts to see how our assessment of the situation changes as the facts change. Come prepared to have fun as we challenge thinking and "knee jerk" responses.


This training is focused on the ICF Code of Ethical Conduct, one of ICF's Core Competencies. We will explore and discuss various parts of the code and use actual case studies to convert the theory of the code into real life situations. Since this will be interactive, participants will be able to share, explore, and refine their understanding of the Code and how it impacts them, their clients, and sponsors.

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