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Why You Need To Reinvent Your Coach's Posture
Why You Need To Reinvent Your Coach's Posture
Digital Product
$ 20.00   

In this highly interactive and artful webinar, Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC, will challenge you to re-invent your way of being as a coach and your way of engaging with the leaders you serve. He will establish why NOW is the time for you to unleash your artistic sensitivity and add it to your competencies. Then he will offer various ways you can do so successfully.?

Throughout the webinar, you will discover the liberating power of mobilizing your and your clients’ “3 hearts” to deconstruct irrelevant or toxic “old stories” in your mind. You will learn of the importance to connect and partner with your “shadow” to unleash more of your creativity as a coach, and then more of your clients’ creativity. You will observe artist’s absolute presence to their creative process. And you will take away a few artistic ways to amplify the power of your coaching and your clients’ growth.


The learning objectives encompass:

   •   How to embody a Coaching Mindset in a VUCA world

   •   How to offer and maintain full presence and active listening and leverage it to have coaching clients reinvent a part of the way they are and relate with others

   •   How to evokes awareness in creative ways and how to facilitate client growth with artistry.

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