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Artfully Evoke Awareness by Adopting a Sovereign M
Artfully Evoke Awareness by Adopting a Sovereign M
Digital Product
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Being human has no destination and requires deliberate, conscious intention from whole-heartedness for an experience of thriving humanity to manifest. Choices made on purpose, aligned to values, provides a foundation for sovereignty. Focusing those choices to cause reciprocal prosperity invites others to community. By being generative together, we transform fixed mindsets and evolve worldviews to naturally celebrate rather than fear uniqueness and difference.

This session explores the sovereign state of being, how to evoke awareness with each other to make sovereign choices, and how to maintain a coaching and leadership presence that inspires and sustains collective sovereignty. A sovereign mindset accesses internal resources and capability for making life affirming, compassionate choices transcend all cultures and planetary history. When individuals accept responsibility for shaping their world where they love their life’s work, an emerging spiral of learning, growth and evolution toward a higher vibration is the result.

Session Objectives:

   • Learn methods to discover what blocks you from working and living fully potent in any circumstance, no matter how uncertain or ambiguous. (CC#1, #2, #3, #4).

   • Experiment with methods to challenge habits, preferences, assumptions, and bias through a lens of artful curiosity and wonder. (CC#4, #5, #6 and #7).

   • Access three reflection practices to strengthen a sovereign mindset for yourself and to apply with leaders and teams. (CC#5, #6, #7 and #8).

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