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Be ready to explore together your goals, ideal customers and growth opportunities for you in the next 5 years. A successful launch starts with a clear plan, smart goals and setting your intentions for success.
What better way to do that than in the presence of coaches and a facilitator-coach?

Loubna Noureddin is the co-founder and President of Mind Market Consulting. She partners with organizations to solve ambiguous and urgent problems in the organizational and talent development space with proven outcomes. Loubna currently serves as the President  for ICF South Florida Charter Chapter. She holds a doctorate in organizational leadership with an emphasis on cultural change. She is a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ICF certified coach. Her 20+ years of expertise in organizational development and executive coaching has positioned her as a value-added resource for leaders in today’s unpredictable business environment. She partners with leaders to co-create solutions that are practical, measurable and sustainable in an engaged and innovative culture.

Yolanda Bonadona has over 20 years of Organization Development international experience working in multi-cultural environments and impacting effectiveness and profitability of corporate, nonprofit, federal and local government organizations.
Yolanda develops and delivers training courses on a variety of topics relevant to leadership effectiveness. Her experiential and customized approach ensures transfer of learning and development of best practices. 
She is a co-author of A World Book of Values, and was published in the Journal of Organizational Change Management. She holds two Master Degrees in Organization Development and I/O Psychology with First Class Honors.  She is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) and capable of working at ease in both languages.

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Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US


Download the Revised ICF Code of Ethics here

The updated Code will be implemented in January 2020, and we will share an advance copy with ICF Members and Credential-holders next month. 

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Giving - Community outreach and pro bono projects

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


Be part of an initiative that will spark positive change in South Florida.
Join us as we “Ignite” our community, with Pro-Bono coaching!

ICF South Florida Charter Chapter is excited to announce our first Pro Bono Coaching partnership for the 2019 “Ignite Initiative” with WEvolution.

WEvolution is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire women to unveil their full voice and true power, expand collective consciousness and promote emotional and spiritual healing in communities; contributing with love, compassion and peace into the world.